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Read before you book

We offer different type of tantric massage. The type of tantric massage is classified by different techniques and level of interaction with masseuses. Please read the description before booking your session.


During the session, we play relaxing music and use aromatherapy to create a relaxing atmosphere for you. 


For the beginning of each session, your masseuse will use a combination of flowing, soothing, rhythmical and medium pressure movements to releases stress, eases muscle tension, boosts circulation. 


You will get completely relaxed to energetically open your sexual energy and move it through the body so that the tension and emotions accumulated below the chest and abdomen will be ready to release.

60 mins - 150 euro
90 mins - 200 euro


*In the tantric massage, the masseuse is sitting with sexy lingeries or bikinis. This is NOT an interactive massage*


Tantric Massage utilises both relaxation and stimulation for enhancing pleasure. It focus on these different states of energy to intensify sensual awareness and excitation, as well as blissful rapture throughout the entire body.


A tantric way to activate sexual energy is by massaging the sex chakra through a firm touch or spin. On the back, your masseuse will massage the sacrum and rub it around until it becomes literally very hot under your hand. On the front, she will massage the chest to thighs, focusing most of the time in the central and genital area.


Your masseuse will end your massage with an artful and satisfying happy ending. Tantric massage will leave feeling more present, relaxed yet focused than before.

60 mins - 200 euro
90 mins - 300 euro


*In the Body to Body Massage, the masseuse is naked, and is an interactive massage*


Body to Body Massage is an ultimate skin on skin experience. The only thing you will be focused on is the feeling of your masseuses’ body against yours.


Your masseuse will apply hot massage oil on your body and use her entire naked body to deliver an all-encompassing tantric massage experience. By rubbing you gently with her hands and arms, breasts and belly, her full body against yours, you become utterly receptive to her touch.


The intense sensation of being touched everywhere at one will hold all your attention and erase any distracting thoughts you may have.

60 mins - 200 euro
90 mins - 300 euro


Originating in Japan, Nuru is a style of body to body massage using an organic gel made from nori seaweed. 


Masseuse puts on your body and her body Nuru gel which makes the skin like silk, smooth, soft and slippery. 


Your masseuse will lay down on top of you, and use her breasts, stomach, buttocks, arms, and hands to massage you, starting slowly and gaining intensity.


Nuru massage is a full body experience in which your and your masseuses’ body will connect completely. Imagine the intense sensation of a beautiful body rubbing and gliding over yours. A happy ending born from intense relaxation and prolonged arousal.

Enjoy your massage at home or hotel
60 mins - 200 euro
90 mins -  250 euro


Please contact us to confirm the area if we cover and book your massage in advance. We will arrange the time and bring essential stuff. Just  relax and enjoy the massage at your own place.

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